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Monday, December 06, 2004

Lo Siento Mr. Khatami!!

Mr. Khatami! You made history in 1998 when you made the intelligence service of Iran to admit about the killings of several intellectuals and dissidents. And today you completed your historical duty. To my best knowledge what you did was a unique act in a third world country. You sat there and listened and smiled and answered calmly to sincere emotions of the young children of country. The same people that if you wanted to bring them to streets to defend your movement, hundreds of them would have come. You never did it, because you never believed that things can be changed in streets anymore. You knew that we have paid a lot for street movements and you never wanted to repeat another one. Yes you made history Mr. Khatami today. You're the first top level adminstrator of our country who dared to distance from the personal ego and sat there and patiently defended your act through a logical conversation. We are talking about Iran that it rarely happens that the lowest level of civil servants listens to his critiques and admits his lackings. We are talking about Iran that authority and discipline is the rule of life.
All of us are frustrated today because of the failure of the reform. But why we were not like this to Hashemi Rafsanjani 7 years ago? Actually at that time, that guy was a super hero. At that time we did not even think about making him accountable for many of the miseries in our country. Why can’t we be rational once for ever. You see! many of us are a bunch emotional fellows who are quite distant from rationality.

I’m sorry Mr. Khatami for your position and more than that I am sorry for my fellow Iranian citizens who have to deal with such a depressing and confusing page of their history. Although you are not a good politician and reform leader, but at least a patient and modest civil servant. For your part, you finished your duty today and I am proud of my vote for you.
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