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Monday, January 31, 2005

My First Reader!

Tonight I got my blog's first real reader. A lot people had checked this blog before probably because of the keyword matches in search engines or through hoder's site for Iranian English blogs. But my first comment from a reader appeared tonite after about a year of writing :) Anyway good to hear from KL, a reader with Indian origin. She posted the following question regarding my posting about US-Iran relation:

"Do you really think that if Iran doesn't talk to America, the Neo-Cons will use some pretext to attack Iran? My knowledge says "No," because America has bases in Afghanishtan, Central Asian countries, Kuwait, etc. and Iran can easily access those countries using missiles. Also, Iran can target Saudi Arabia or Israel, and I don't think USA wants that."

And here is what I think: Regarding those military sites in the Persian gulf, centeral Asia, etc: I agree with KL that attacking Iran will create a lot of mess in the region and of course it won't be an easy one like Iraq. Iran with its capabilities will be able to do some harm to US interests in the region. US is quite aware of that, but at the same time we should know that the existence of all those military sites in the region is to cover the military interst of US. I mean that US has put those sites there mainly for a situation like this to minimize its loss in a full scale war. The same thing happened in the case of Iraq and Iraq practically didn't do anything to US bases in Qatar of Saudi or Kuwait. Most of these sites were formed (at least in their current extended form) after the 1979 revolution in Iran when US missed its 2nd best ally in the region (Iran) and there was a serious sense of anxiety in US about the spread of Khomeini's radical revolutionary ideas into the region. So at the first place these military sites are there for any form of US militaristic involvement in the region including dealing with Iran and I don't think US really cares that much if Iran does some random shooting to their sites, because US easily answers it with 100 times more severe attacks. The same way that Saddam didn't dare to answer any of the bombings that US and UK did between 1992-2000.

But again I repeat that the danger of attacking Iran for US is beyond a military battle field. It can totally destaiblizes the middl east and central asia as whole and creates a mess which will be definitely worse than the current mess in Iraq. And I should say as an Iranian that I'm very optimist that my country gets out of this spotlight very soon. It's quite scary and the last thing that I want to see in my life is another war for my country and our world.

Thanks KL for visiting and please come back :)

PS: Relevant to this discussion, last week Thomas Fridman of NY Times had an editorial about US-Iran relation.
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