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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Presidential Election (2)

It's been a long night for many Iranians in Iran and now it's out turn in the western world to face the same! I'm also totally confused and unable to think it through. I keep weighing the two possibilities:

1. The results are made up ==> We're facing a totally lunatic regime that encourages its citizen to become sensitive about politics and then make a total fool of them. The regime could have pushed for a smaller election, something like the presidential election before Khatami or the previous parliment election. Those elections had about 50% participation and still gave some level of legitimacy to the winner. But instead this time, the regime went for a transparent election filled with all these debates and street protests... and then they totally hijacked the election!!? For what purpose really? do they think that now they're more powerful? their power is insured? Are we really dealing with such level lunacy? This level of stupidity is totally inconsistent with other aspects of this regime!

2. The results are close to reality ==> We're facing the largest possible cultural and class differences in Iran and we're on the verge of a social explosion. Although Ahmadinejad is not a solution for such a critical situation, but still we should be happy that we have the election as a mechanism to learn about huge gap!

3. The results will be changed ==> This is all a build up for the intervension of the leader to increase his popularity and decrease the power of next government ... and practically insure his power, etc.
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