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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friends of our nation

Another lesson of these days is to observe the reaction of foreign governments to these events. These are critical moments that any leader can demonstrate his judgment strength, which can be supportive for his own national interests too:

Obama has wisely side stepped from taking any side in this election. With his silence, he's given the best relief to the progressive camp from many classic troubles. I hope he can resist against the pressure that many republicans and some pro-Israeli democrats (eg. Joe Liberman) are putting for US intervention.

European Union (except Germany) originally recognized Ahamdinejad. That was quite imature and purley based on economic interest. However soon after protests became serious, they changed their course and took a critical stance.

Populist leaders who gain strong economic benefits from Ahamdinejad, such as Chavez, Nasrollah, Raul Castro rushed to his support. Some of their messages (eg. Chavez) arrived before many of Ahamdinejad's internal supporters. And the moment that we we realize who is really on our people side. And how much these guys really believe in progressive, anti-opression values that they constantly shout!

And I'm not going to bother with semi-fashist governments such as China and Russia that not only benefit from Ahamdinejad economically , but are in full agreement with his totalitarian politics.
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