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Daily Journal of Mahaan, an Iranian-American student residing in USA.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

... Home is best

It sucks to leave a sunny paradise like Hawaii and fly back to a cloudy freezer named Pennsylvania. Get into the plane in shorts and get out somewhere that you need a strong jacket. But then it's great to walk back to my cozy apartment. Home sweet home! Where I see my plant has suddenly blossomed in this cold weather! where I get a lovely post card from a dear one.... As my father says "East or West, Home is Best".

The Hawaii trip was wonderful. With Arash, we had a Sideways like time: Wine, Woman and Words! And it was a glorious time! If you're going to Hawaii, you should visit Maui's Road to Hana! This is on my top 3 beautiful place list. A 52 miles paradise road that you can simply spend an entire day driving through it.

I met a few interesting people in the conference. A lot of smart-ass technical talk and smart jokes and interactions.... Among them, one smart young researcher asked me "Where do you like to be in 5 years?". And I didn't have a convincing answer.... But I know one thing, that her answer was definitely far from what I like to see myself.... I need to think about this question.

Yet again the magical power of trip is right there. Even the most lousy trips boost my attitude towards life. The famous poetry of my dad is resonating: "...And you will come to a home that is not same as yesterday! ...."
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