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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Category: Politics of USA and Middle East

I'm personally suspicious about extreme organizations such as Hamas in middle east, but no matter what I believe assassination of Hamas leader will only push towards more extremism in the region and actually I think that's what Sharon's government has been pursuing since the start. Who knows how long it will take that things get back towards a peaceful negotiation!

While 300,000 of Palestinian in Gaza took part in the funeral of the Hamas leader (this is a quarter of the population of Gaza), it's good to read quotes by US politicians about assassination of Sheikh Yassin the leader of Palestinian group Hamas:

President Bush: "I worry about terrorist groups targeting America, Whether it be a Hamas threat or an al-Qaida threat, we take them very seriously."

Collin Powell: "Israel, has a right to defend itself against threats from terrorists, like Hamas."

John Kerry's spokeman: "It's important to remember that Sheik Yassin was responsible for organizing dozens of deadly terror attacks in Israel,"

Sen. Hilary Clinton: "Americans should stand up for Israel's right to defend itself, ``including going after those who direct" terrorism."

Democratic Reps. Eliot Engel and Anthony Weiner of New York, and Shelley Berkley of Nevada, issued statements supporting the strike on Yassin.

Bottom Line Message to Palestinians: democrats or Republicans, it doesn't matter!
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