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Friday, November 06, 2009

Texas Shooting

There is a lot of talks about the Texas shooting. I keep thinking about the way that this incident is going to be portrayed. What are its long term effect. It can be played either way:

1. This incident shows the deep social wounds that America has carries as the results of the two wars. It shows serious unease with the trend of events in these war. This guy might be a Muslim, but more important is that his concious is rising against our actions in those two wars.

2. This incident is going to trumpet the anti-Muslim sentiments in this country. Feelings like "we should not trust these guys", "The bottom line is that these Muslims are never going to be one of us and fight with us". You can even push it to "Obama is muslim, don't trust him... All his plans are to kill america, americans, bluh bluh...".

Not sure which way the arguments and analysis will go. The early talks indicates both of them, but a lean towards the 2nd direction. Or it might be just shut up in the next few days with not much analysis... But what strikes me is the power of media and flexibility that exist to portray a tragedy like this.
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